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“Emotionally Rich And Satisfying Depression Dramedy”

"...signals Emmer as a writer and filmmaker to watch..."

“One of the top films to watch at SXSW"

“Painfully and hilariously real, this acerbic take on the romantic comedy injects sparkling new life into the genre."

“Life in Color marks an incredible debut by Katharine Emmer”

“…this is an impressive first film that showcases a talented director (and star) on the rise.”

"surprisingly heartfelt and touching”

“…manages, in many ways, to exceed its own scope.”

“One of the impressive debuts to come out of this year’s SXSW”

“Multi-hyphenate Katharine Emmer establishes a funny and honest voice in her directorial debut.”

“The two have an undeniable rhythm with one another that's a joy to watch.”

“'Life in Color' is an indie that does dramedy right”

“The comparisons to other artists like Joe Swanberg and the Duplass brothers aren’t just obvious; they’re well-deserved.”

“Emmer’s film exudes a confidence and dedication only seen in the most promising of debuts.”

“There’s lots to love here.”

“…this movie stands above others of its kind because of fantastic performances by Emmer and her costar Josh McDermitt. The two share a seemingly effortless chemistry that keeps one invested…”

“McDermitt shows a tremendous control over the transition of his character, slowly peeling away Homer’s sloppy couch potato layers to reveal a truly soulful leading man.”

“As a filmmaker, both in directing and performing, Emmer demonstrates a measured and assured hand, over the tone of the film, which is infused with a truly funny, sneaky, and dry as a bone sense of humor.”

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